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Lence Flare

Lence Flare



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" Pixahunt is your go-to source for breathtaking, high-quality images that spark creativity and elevate your designs. We offer a diverse collection of original, hand-picked visuals that are free to use for personal and commercial projects. With Pixahunt, you'll find the perfect image to tell your story, evoke emotion, and leave a lasting impression. "

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Pixahunt FAQ

These are all our FAQ that you do. But our Stock Photos, PNG, PDS, Vector, Icon, SVG And Video all these folders have different FAQ..

What is Pixahunt ?

Pixahunt is a free stock photo and video website that offers high-quality images and videos for personal and commercial use. The website has a large collection of over 2.2 million images and videos, all of which are free to download and use. Pixahunt also offers a variety of tools to help users find the perfect image or video for their needs, including a search bar, filters, and categories.

Is Pixahunt for free ?

Yes, Pixahunt is completely free to use. You can download and use any of the images or videos on the website without having to pay any fees. However, some of the images and videos on Pixahunt are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, which means that you are not required to give credit to the photographer or videographer when using their work. Other images and videos on Pixahunt may be licensed under different Creative Commons licenses, which may require you to give credit to the photographer or videographer when using their work. Be sure to check the license of each image or video before using it to ensure that you are complying with the terms of the license.

Who is pixahunt website audience?

Pixahunt's website audience is anyone who is looking for free, high-quality images and videos for personal and commercial use.

Can I use content from Pixahunt for commercial use?

Both free and Pro content on Pixahunt are safe for commercial use, but restrictions can apply based on how you plan to use the content.

How can I become a Pixahunt contributor?

We are working on it and you will get this information when it is complete. But currently we are taking many contributors from our support page so if you want to be a contributor then you can live chat on our contact information

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